Safdar Sohail

Safdar A. Sohail

International Conferences/Seminars/Workshops


Speaker at the Regional meeting on Policy Experience Sharing for Green Development among Asian BRI Countries

Organized by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) & Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC), at Changzhou City, of Jiangsu Province China, December 2023

Speaker at the Multi-Year Expert Meeting on Green Industrialization

Hosted by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in Geneva on October 30, 2023


Panelist at 48th UNCTAD Regional Course
Course on ‘Key Issues on the International Economic Agenda’
Foreign Services Academy, November 2022

Speaker at First International Conference of Belt and Road Future Development Forum
Conference on CPEC in Its Second Decade
School of Law and Policy, University of Management and Technology [UMT], (Pakistan), Academy of International Strategy and Law, Zhejiang University, (China)
Young Belt and Road International (China), November 10, 2022 at UMT, Lahore

Organizer, Moderator and Speaker at the First NSPP Public Policy Conference on “Social Policy Financing”
Session Chair for “Financing SDGs” and Presented Paper Titled “Future of Tripartite Process in Pakistan”
Lahore, September 2022

Speaker at the High-Level Thematic Solution Forum on “South-South Economic Integration for Sustainable Development”
Conference on Global South-South Development Expo 2022
Jointly organized by the Thai Government and UNCTAD, on 12th September 2022

Panelist on UNCTAD’s South-South Cooperation on
Project meeting for “Green Industrialization Project”  
Istanbul, 25-26 May, 2022

Panelist at ISSI’s discussion on “Economic Security and Geo-Economics: Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan”
Session on Panelist Dynamics of Pakistan`s Human Security Islamabad, ISSI, March 9, 2022


Panelist on Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences International Conference
Session on Potentials & Challenges Blue Economy,
November 23, 2021. (Virtual)

UNCTAD International Events, Digital Economy, Trade and Industry
Policies of China and learning for BRI countries (Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia)
April 22, April 26, June 29, June 30 2021 (Virtual)


Session Chair on Annual Sustainable Development Conference
Session on Digital Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges,
SDPI, Islamabad, December 2019

Session Chair on Annual Sustainable Development Conference
Session on Digital Financial Inclusion: Opportunities and Challenges,
SDPI, Islamabad, December 2019

Participant ADB Islamabad
Consultative Workshop on “SEZ Development in Pakistan”
Islamabad, February 2019


Speaker on the 11th South Asia Economic Summit
Session on “Knowledge Connectivity between Asia and Europe”
Islamabad, 5th December 2018

Speaker on second UNCTAD Multi-Year Expert Group Meeting
Digital Manufacturing
Geneva, March, 2018

Chaired the Plenary Session during the International Conference, “Owning Human Rights for Better World”
Session on “Right to Development”
Ministry of Human Rights, Government of Pakistan, February 2018, Islamabad

Speaker at the Roundtable on “Developing a National Discourse on Climate Change and National Security”
National Defence University,
Islamabad, February, 2018


Speaker at the Second Think Tank Forum of CAREC,
Harmonization of Trade Policy in the CAREC region
Urumqi, China, September 7-8, 2017


Lead Speaker on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
European Institute of Asian Studies, Brussels, 2nd December, 2015

Speaker at 17th Sustainable Development Conference
Capitalizing on Human Capital: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change
SDPI, Islamabad, December 2014

Session Chair at 17th Sustainable Development Conference
Policies, Regulations and Environmental Compliance in Textile Industry in South Asia
SDPI, Islamabad, December 2014

Speaker at the 1st South Asian Labour Conference
Lahore, April 2014

Panelist in 6th European Economic Congress
Katovice, Poland, May 7-9 2014

Participant in UNESCAP Expert Group Meeting
“Trade Policy in Asia Pacific for the next decade and its research agenda”
Bangkok, March 2013

Participant in UNESCAP Expert Group Meeting
“Trade and Inclusive Growth”
Bangkok, December 2012

Speaker at 5th South Asia Economic Summit
‘’Trade Integration in South Asia’’
Islamabad, September 2012

Speaker at UNCTAD-Commonwealth Regional Workshop
An Evaluation of Pakistan-Sri Lanka FTA”
Dhaka, May 2012

Speaker/Resource Person for ADBI Workshop
Regional Integration in South Asia
Singapore, February 2011

Chair at the UNCTAD India Workshop
“Textile and Clothing Supply Chain in South Asia”
Dhaka, April 2010

Session Chair in UNDP Conference
“Broadening Economic Integration in South Asia: Incorporating Services Liberalization”
Colombo, March 2009

Speaker at UNDP Regional Conference
“Promoting Human Development in Trade Regionalism: Scope for South-South Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific”
Bali, Indonesia, November 2008

Host and Speaker at ADB Pakistan
Seminar on ‘’Quantification of Benefits of trade integration in South Asia’’
Islamabad, May 2008

Speaker at ADB Pakistan
Workshop on ‘Trade Competitiveness and Core Labour Standards’,
Multan, Sargodha, Lahore, February-May 2008

Speaker at UNCTAD India
Workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization of Trade Policy in Pakistan’
New Delhi, February 2008

Keynote Speaker on “PHC Dhaka and FBCCI Bangladesh”
Seminar on ‘Pakistan-Bangladesh Trade under SAFTA
Dhaka & Chittagong, January 2008

Session Chair at “South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment” Conference
Session on Future of Trade Policy in South Asia
Kathmandu, August 2007

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